Intelligent Mobile Marketing

Captive wifi portal

We were approached by a startup with an interesting business model. If you agree to receive promotional messages, they'd provide you with free WiFi access in various sponsored locations like restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and hotels. Taxis and busses, too.

To receive the service, you sign up through the company's website. Once an account is created, you simply connect. Once your account is verified, service begins.

CloudGate plays a central role in making the service happen. The user connects as a WiFi client via a CloudGate Gateway with WiFi card. A secure connection is established with the service provider's server over an IPsec connection. In applications where a small amount of potential customers can be reached, such as a taxi or a store, a standard WiFi card is used. In larger situations, such as on a bus or in a stadion, a WiFi AP card is used.

Consumers love the service. Locations offering the service can do so at no cost to them. Advertisers have a great new medium to reach consumers on location, and in real time.