Independent Living for Disabled or Elderly Citizens

Personalized rule-setting and instant notifications

Many countries, including Japan, the United States, and many members of the EU, are facing the dilemma of an aging population. While placing someone with mental or physical disabilities into a care facility might seem to be a simple solution on the surface, prohibitive costs and an individual’s desire to maintain an independent lifestyle makes that decision an extremely difficult one to make.

Since many seniors and individuals with disabilities prefer to maintain a level of independence, technologies are being applied to make monitored living a viable option. To that end, we were contacted by an American company which offers a combination of technological and on-premise assistance for populations in need.

We were challenged to provide the following services by this organization:

  • Remote monitoring of individual health parameters
  • Remote monitoring of in-home sensors to ensure someone was not in a state of distress and in need of assistance
  • Connectivity in the event emergency services were required
  • The ability to assist with dispensing medications
  • The ability to monitor and adjust environmental conditions

Once this organization learned about the flexibility of CloudGate, they were sold. Our open architecture not only accommodated the needs they described – but it could also accommodate other needs as they came up – such as relaying information about a stove or cooktop burner that has been left on too long.

The possibilities are endless with CloudGate – and for our forward thinking customer on the leading edge of the home healthcare market.