Traffic Control with Electronic Signage

Real-time remote content management

We were contacted by a Dutch manufacturer of truck trailers. They were applying their manufacturing expertise toward the production of signage trailers used to communicate traffic conditions, manage traffic flow around construction sites and in other temporary situations such as road works and emergencies. Solar panels with batteries powered unique LED screens – which the manufacturer wanted to be able to update with information in real time to adjust to changing weather and traffic conditions.

A CloudGate Gateway is connected to each screen and is used to provide the GPS location of these along with diagnostic information, such as the amount of energy in each battery back to a centralized server location. In addition, the CloudGate Gateway receives the up-to-date screen content from the same server. A user-friendly server application is available to manage the screens and their messages.

Today, the company is a market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium. Their approach to intelligent signage is being used both in mobile applications with signs on trailers – along with permanently installed locations.