Street Light Automation

Maximize energy efficiency

We were contacted by a Fortune 500 corporation, with a division specializing in municipal street lighting systems.

With cities and other agencies operating large grids of street lights looking for ever more efficient ways of operating them, this company proposed a system where the operation of each lamp could be remotely monitored and controlled to maximize energy efficiency and to determine when maintenance is required. This broadly distributed platform, with further development, can also serve as the foundation for a city's cellular, WiFi and analytics extensions.

Each streetlight has a GPS and small mesh ZigBee radio which relays its data to a CloudGate Gateway device for review and analysis in a centralized location. Only 250 CloudGates are needed to connect with 100,000 lights.

The concept was successfully deployed saving the city over $250,000 in its first year of operation. Testing has since been commissioned by other cities, the future looks “bright”!