Smart Power Meters

Remote multi-source data processing

One of Europe's leading green energy companies, with operations in the EU and South America, sought to connect and monitor their generating plant smart meters and send their information into the cloud.

A driving consideration behind their need is while traditional methods of power generation, such as gas, oil and coal, are fairly constant – green methods, such as solar and wind can vary with weather conditions.

Since the meters each had an RS232 port, we connected a small custom-made board to each and converted their serial data to digital for relay via ZigBee. Data from multiple meters monitoring different sources were then routed through a single CloudGate Gateway device – which was equipped with custom software and board to gather and concentrate the data before sending it to a server.

This ability to both concentrate and transmit information was the main reason CloudGate was selected for this application. Maintaining a dependable supply of power, yet use as much of green generating capacity as possible and understanding which sources were producing was vital.