Shared Bike Rental via Self-Service Kiosk

Remote cloudbased validation and access management

A government owned and operated railroad was interested in creating a new line of business – the daily renting of bicycles from its stations to allow their passengers to get to their final destination after exiting the train. Electric bikes and scooters were also available for those needing to travel longer distances. Customers accessed the bikes by using their pre-paid railroad access cards.

Bike reservations are made in advance online. When a customer picks up or returns their bike, information from the renter's access card is checked through the cloud via a CloudGate Gateway with a 3G connection. An integrator was used to build a system which opened a locker after the reservation was confirmed, and the pre-paid card validated.

Today, the railroad has over 100,000 customers for their service with bikes available at over 250 locations.