Monitoring and Reporting for Environmentally Sensitive Products

Digital recording and wireless transmission of environmental conditions

Our client, a world leader in producing sensors to monitor temperature sensitive products like produce and pharmaceuticals, wanted to develop a system where the temperature history during shipment could be recorded and analyzed from a central location on an ongoing basis.

The company's strategy was to attach an inexpensive sensor with transponder to each pallet – then use a receiver to gather the data and send it into the Cloud. In turn, every pallet could be continually checked to ensure its contents were not damaged from too much heat or cold.

After reviewing its capabilities, this company decided to build its product around the CloudGate Gateway. They designed a custom extension card that accommodated their 915MHz wireless communications standard and they combined this with CloudGate’s WiFi and 3G connectivity to get the data into the cloud.

Today, this solution is offered worldwide, protecting consumers from damaged and potentially dangerous products. In addition, those responsible for safely getting products to consumers, ranging from manufacturers to transportation companies and retailers, are now learning about the environmental weaknesses in their supply chain and improve upon them to prevent future losses and reduce cost.