Commercial Maritime Surveillance

Connectivity worldwide through multi-carrier technology

Yachts are expensive pieces of equipment often left in harbors with minimal security. To give owners and harbormasters peace of mind, we worked with GOST- Global Ocean Security Technologies - manufacturer of maritime security and surveillance systems on the development of a new remote monitoring product.

The company wished to produce a solution where cameras could be placed throughout a vessel so activities could be remotely monitored and recorded no matter where they are around the globe. We were happy to help. A CloudGate 3G Gateway with multi-carrier technology was partnered with a streaming FLIR M-series camera and 1TB Internet video recorder. This way up to six cameras can be supported -- more than enough to keep an eye on all activities during 90 days.

Video can be accessed from any PC or smartphone from anywhere in the world. Plus the cameras can be set to record clips based on motion detection – which in turn can be forwarded via email or text message to either the owner, or person in charge of security.

This solution not only reassures vessel owners that their property is safe – it can also be used while the boat's being operated to ensure a crew is conducting itself properly -- giving yacht owners the assurance they need that their property is safe.