Vehicle Fleet Monitoring

Real-time access to vehicle operation data

Companies operating fleets of vehicles are continually looking to increase efficiency. One startup approached us about their need to build a cost-effective platform which could transmit different types of data. In one instance it might be vehicle data. In another, such as with school buses, it might be video recorded for security purposes.

By implementing Option's CloudGate 3G gateway, we helped this company broaden the window of opportunity for M2M technology integration -- and their first installation was in a series of fuel delivery trucks enabling Ethernet, serial, wifi and GPS connectivity. Truck location and delivery status can be monitored and even the amount of fuel left in its tanks can be measured so each outbound trip can be maximized.

CloudGate gateway’s unique dual slot expansion design allowed the addition of both WiFi and serial expansion cards enabling connectivity to video cameras, fuel meters and other in-vehicle devices and in addition leverage built-in GPS connectivity.

Our client was delighted with the final result – being particularly happy with the inherent flexibility of CloudGate's hardware and software, enabling them to accommodate a diverse range of client needs with minimal cost.