• On-surface parking sensor to detect the presence of vehicles above the sensor.

• Compass sensor and radar sensor assure reliable operation with long autonomy.

• Low power NB-IoT communication to data backend.

• Open API allows to make link to Cloud Platform of preference and to connect parking sensor data to Smart City actuators like for example Street lights or EV-charging stations.

• Over-the-air changes of settings.

• Integrated NFC connection to allow local control and configuration.

• Battery lifetime minimum 3 years.


After mounting, the sensor is activiated via NFC technology reader. The built-in compass sensor will continuously detect changes in the magnetic field that are caused by the movement of metal vehicles.

Next, the built-in radar sensor will detect if an object is positioned above the parking sensor. This sensor sequence will assure the most optimal use of the battery while maintaining a high level of accuracy. The battery level is periodically monitored and sent to the backend server at a configurable interval.

Use case scenarios

The sensor can:

• Detect when parking spots for electric vehicle charging are used by vehicles that are not using the EV charging infrastructure.

• Guide vehicles to the available parking spaces.

• Monitor the occupation of short-term parking spaces to detect parking duration violations., but it can also be used to detect e.g. a boat on a jetty.