Smart Metering Card

The CloudGate expansion card that covers all your wired interface needs

• Modbus interface

• M-Bus interface

• P1/DSMR interface

• I2C sensor interface

• USB interface

• 5 x configurable GPIO

Ideal for smart building, street cabinets & energy optimization

Monitoring energy production and consumption in a building has never been easier with the CloudGate Smart Metering card.

Not only can it interface with all wired interfaces that are used by meters, it can also monitor critical sensors, analog or digital inputs and trigger digital outputs.

This makes it an ideal card to be used in Smart Building or cabinet monitoring use cases where it can optimally use the other advantages of the CloudGate IoT gateway platform such as a combination with wireless connectivity cards (LoRaWAN, Zigbee, wM-Bus, BLE…), an interface to the BACnet building management system, remote access etc.

In case of power loss, the optional battery kit of CloudGate 4.0 gateways can ensure transmission of notifications.