LoRaWAN Card

The LoRaWAN base station expansion card for CloudGate gateways

There is an emerging trend of connecting, monitoring and controlling machines and other ‘things’ in our environment but using wires to do so is often not desirable or even possible. The LoRaWAN expansion card allows the CloudGate gateway to connect to all LoRaWAN wireless sensors.

LoRaWAN nodes in the LuvitRed application on CloudGate

LoRa Forwarder:

LoRaWAN packet forwarder node to communicate with LoRaWAN server

LoRa Server:

LoRaWAN server node to communicate with LoRaWAN gateways

LoRa App:

Manage LoRaWAN sensors in a LoRaWAN application

LoRa Device:

LoRaWAN sensor node in the LoRaWAN application

(see specifications