CloudGate Mini



Industrial grade cost-efficient world-wide LTE connectivity

CloudGate mini was designed with the following use cases in mind:

• Connect devices such as card readers over the serial interface (RS232)

• Connect devices such as sensors or electricity meters over the Modbus interface (RS485)

• Connecting to the high-speed CAN bus of vehicles or industrial equipment

• Connecting sensors over the I2C bus interface

• Use the 3 configurable GPIO to read analog/ digital inputs or control digital outputs

• Use it as a WiFi access point, using its LTE modem to provide internet access (optional WiFi card needed)

• Use it as a (private) LoRaWAN server (optional LoRaWAN card needed)

Connectivity back-up

It ensures connectivity back-up. Connect its WAN port to an ADSL or cable modem and its LAN port to the router. When the WAN port loses connection, its LTE modem will take over so internet access is always secured.

Secure remote access

CloudGate micro provides remote access over a secure VPN tunnel to the Ethernet device(s) connected to its LAN Ethernet ports. CloudGate 4.0 next generation CloudGate 4.0 IoT gateways were designed with CloudGate’s signature features; including ruggedized design housing, industrial grade temperature ranges, timed wake-up and ignition sensing, sim connection, passive and active GPS antenna support and all are LuvitRED enabled. NEW! CloudGate 4.0 next generation IoT gateways now feature world-wide connectivity, optional Li-ion battery, and micro-SD holder