CloudGate LTE WW CAT4



Industrial grade, highly customizable cellular LTE connectivity

Worldwide LTE Cat 4 Programmable

Multicarrier Gateway with 3G/2G fallback

20 LTE bands (EMEA, Americas, Asia) including TDD bands

GPS, Glonass (active or passive)

Highly customizable with 2 expansion card slots

Optional battery

Highly customizable & flexible to integrate and deploy.

The CloudGate LTE gateway provides unique flexibility that allows customers and system integrators to tailor the product to their solution or even site specific requirements. It incorporates two hardware expansion slots that allow the CloudGate to be enhanced with additional radio and/or wired interfaces.

The expansion cards are simple and quick to install, allowing the field upgrade of the device when new functionality is required.

Available expansion cards include : WLAN expansion card, Telematics expansion card with extended IO and CAN, BLE expansion card, Smart Metering expansion card,

    CloudGate 4.0 next generation

    CloudGate 4.0 IoT gateways were designed with CloudGate’s signature features; including ruggedized design housing, industrial grade temperature ranges, timed wake-up and ignition sensing, sim connection, passive and active GPS antenna support and all are LuvitRED enabled. CloudGate 4.0 next generation IoT gateways feature world-wide connectivity, optional Li-ion battery, and micro-SD holder