LoRa Basics Station

Option™ CloudGate gateways now feature LoRa Basics™ Station

Drastically simplify the management of your large scale LoRaWAN networks with CloudGate and LoRa Basics™ Station

LoRa Basics™ Station is the future proof way of connecting LoRaWAN Gateways to the vast majority of the world’s leading LoRaWAN Network Providers.

Some of the advantages of LoRa Basics™ Station over Semtech ’s legacy UDP Packet Forwarder are:
·      Centralized Update and Configuration Management
·      State-of-the-art Authentication mechanism
·      Centralized Channel-Plan Management
·      No Dependency on Local Time Keeping
With this integration, OPTION CloudGate continues to keep its role as the world’s leading smart-edge LoRaWAN Gateway, however, we continue to support the usage of the legacy Semtech Packet Forwarder – the original LoRaWAN packet forwarder, for development and demonstration purposes.