CloudGate Energy Smart Digital Metering

Are you looking for a solution that will help you monitor electricity consumption, injection and gas? Do you want to get real-time data analytical reports on variables that affect your energy consumption?  Does smart energy monitoring interest you? 

All that is now possible thanks to Option’s new energy solution that allows for efficient energy management.  

Energy consumption monitoring- smart, easy and efficient

Monitor your energy consumption with the new Option CloudGate Smart Metering card. With only one wire you can connect the smart meter P1 port to the CloudGate gateway and get information on consumption and injection. You can aggregate any metering data with the standard Mbus, Modbus and Zigbee 2.4 interfaces. 


Energy monitoring and management has been made easy with the advanced Option Building Dashboard where you can get real-time analytical data on your energy consumption. This will allow you to allocate costs efficiently based on your own tariff plan, aggregate data from different locations and add extra meters to monitor heavy consumers. 


Our solution is applicable to different sectors, such as smart buildings, PV installations and smart industries. Scroll down to learn more about energy metering opportunities in these sectors. 




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