CloudGate Air

Are your employees less productive because your office CO2 levels are way too high? Do you care about your employees’ health and well-being at work? Do you want to measure and receive detailed reports on your office’s CO2 levels, humidity and temperature?

Then have a look at our new CloudGate Air solution. Its wireless comfort sensors will help you monitor the air quality at your work space as well as increase employees’ performance and well-being. 


CloudGate Air- creating a healthier productive work place

A recent UK study revealed that employees’ productivity increased by 60% in lower CO2 concentrations. Moreover, the new Belgian regulation on air quality makes it obligatory for companies and organizations to monitor CO2 levels and ensure that levels are kept low. Because optimal work climate and performance are correlated, it is more than ever important to introduce a solution that will help offices optimize their work place.


By installing our new wireless battery powered comfort sensors in your office space, meeting or class room, you can easily monitor the quality of Air. With the Option Cloudgate Air platform,you will receive notifications about the air quality and will be able to report on any CO2, humidity or temperature deviation. By opening a window or adapting the temperature or the ventilation system, health and productivity of the employees will increase. 










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