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Option services for embedded modules – Enabling your device with WWAN connectivity

Option offers a complete portfolio of services from module design, manufacturing and integration up to certification of embedded devices. These services facilitate wireless 3G integration in a wide range of mobile broadband enabled devices such as the traditional laptops and netbooks, but also e-readers, MID’s, portable navigation devices and cameras.

Option White Paper – Services Modules.pdf


Pocketing the internet

The transition from dial-up to the use of the mobile phone made people get used to being connected all of the time. With the every increasing bandwidth – a bigger pipe where data runs faster through – people got used to doing more like e-mail, going onto the internet, playing games. Now they want best of all worlds: being mobile, being connected always and everywhere. The killer application for this all is ‘bandwidth’ or ‘broadband’. A broadband lifestyle is settling in.

Option White paper – Pocketing the internet


Power Considerations for 2G & 3G Modules in MID Designs

This white paper focuses on power consumption of 2G/3G embedded wireless modules integrated in Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). It considers the fact that this has an impact on the MID’s power supply to the wireless module.MIDs that have embedded 2G/3G modules have different behaviour from MIDs with other wireless connectivity technologies embedded (WLAN, WiMAX). The root cause of this behaviour is the nature of signal traffic in 2G/3G environments.

Option White Paper – Power Considerations


Managing Mobile Data Growth

Lower your costs and enhance your customer experience with intelligent connection management.

Today’s Mobile Network Operators need solutions & services allowing their customers to get connected with a wide range of connected devices in the most user-friendly and cost-efficient way.

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