The ultimate 3G GATEWAY
Voice, data, and more

  • Quad-band 3G (850/900/1900/2100 MHz)
  • Powerful WiFi router (up to 254 connections)
  • Fixed DSL backup
  • Watchdog feature
  • SMS device control
  • Full phone functionality
  • Storage & printer sharing
  • Ethernet ports
  • Desktop or wall mount
  • Ideal for SOHO and on the move

Learn more about GlobeSurfer 3+

GlobeSurfer3+ is the ultimate 3G gateway for the family home and for small businesses. It lets you share a 3G connection with multiple devices and users via a local WiFi network, easily and securely. Being very portable, it is a perfect fit for a wide range of locations such as holiday homes, boats, caravans and construction sites.

File and printer sharing is also very easy. Centralized hard drives and printers, both connected to USB ports, let users backup or share files and conveniently print documents. Music and movies can be streamed across the network.

GlobeSurfer3+ is ideal for the family home but it is also an excellent business router with a full suite of security tools, firewall functionality and support for ADSL failover to ensure the continuity of your connection.

GlobeSurfer3+ comes with full phone functionality, including composing, reading and managing SMS text messages. Having excellent compatibility with phone standards you can attach it to an ordinary handset and get complete management of calls with functions such as call hold or divert.